Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cranberry Green Tea Soda

I could tell you that this holiday drink is good for you because it contains green tea and that the cranberry juice brand I use was one of the first to recognize the marketplace wisdom of replacing fructose with real sugar (beet and cane).  The truth is I get really thirsty on Thanksgiving.  The kitchen is warm, full of activity and there is lots of visiting and running around to coordinate family arrivals at train and bus stations.  To stay hydrated it’s nice to have a festive and tasty alternative to water (my #1 go-to beverage) and later to the wine that will be flowing at the Thanksgiving table.   

Cranberry Green Tea Soda is also easy to make so it qualifies for a day of more complicated matters.  And don’t leave this master recipe behind after the holiday.  You can replace highly sweetened sodas with soft drinks like this one everyday.  Even diet soda drinkers may get over their chemical fix this way. 

Cranberry Green Tea Soda
2 cups green tea or other herbal tea made with 3 tea bags
2 cups cranberry juice
1 cup sparkling grape juice  (replace with 1 cup seltzer and squeeze of lime for a lower calorie count)

Brew tea and allow to cool.    I use two green tea bags and one ginger tea bag but you can stick with all green tea or try a fall-flavor like apple and cinnamon.  When tea is cool mix with cranberry juice and sparkling grape juice.  Serve over ice. 
72 calories per 8oz serving

During the 19th century, pharmacists blended all types of flavorings with carbonated and mineral waters to create “health” drinks.  While no longer considered life-giving elixirs, homemade soft drinks can be purer drinks than store-bought and within your reach.  If you like flavored iced teas, try brewing your own and adding a splash of fruit nectar or juice.  Mango, peach and apricot nectars are stocked at most supermarkets and taste fresh and good in both iced tea concoctions and plain sparkling waters.

This year, try to change one thing you eat or drink daily and that you know is not so real to a pure food.