Sunday, September 28, 2014

Steak & Spinach Salad with Baked Potato Coins

We've been enjoying skirt steak, a cut that was not locally available at a "weekday price" until recently.   By planning for leftovers we used both the leftover cooked steak and extra baked potatoes we cooked for the first night's dinner for a substantial dinner salad the following night. The baked potato "coins" stand in for croutons.

With ingredients ready to go, this pure dinner salad comes together in about 10 minutes.  The only thing to cook is the baked potato coins which almost take care of themselves in a buttered skillet over very low heat while you assemble the salad.

Steak & Spinach Salad with Baked Potato Coins 
Serves 4

4 small or 2 medium baked potatoes, select narrow potatoes
2 tablespoons butter
10-12 ounces leftover steak, rare to medium-rare
4 cups torn lettuce leaves
4 cups baby spinach
8 medium-sized portobello mushrooms
2 mild-medium hot peppers*
optional: 4 ounces blue cheese
Serve with vinaigrette salad dressing
*for milder peppers, use banana peppers or bell pepper, hotter palates might enjoy sliced jalepeños, either fresh or pickled.

  1. Slice the potatoes, skins and all, abour 1/3 inch thick.  
  2. Melt butter in a wide skillet over low heat.
  3. Add sliced potato coins and cook 5-6 minutes per side until golden and slightly crisped.
  4. While potato coins are cooking, slice steak in thin strips and divid into four portions.
  5. Combine lettuce and spinach leaves and portion into four wide bowls.  
  6. Slice mushrooms and peppers and top each salad with vegetables.
  7. Top with steak and potato coins.  If using cheese, dot each salad with blue cheese.  Serve with salad dressing.
Variation: Warm Steak Spinach Salad
If you have a little more time, you can sauté the mushrooms and peppers in a little olive oil.  The warm vegetables and potatoes will wilt the spinach a bit.  We often grill seeded jalapeńos to use in salads like these.  Grilling cuts back the heat of these peppers a bit.