Monday, October 12, 2009

You are an expert already.

 -->You have the tools: your taste buds. You just need to re-sharpen them and they will guide you. After years of too much sodium, too many sugars and too many unidentifiable ingredients in processed foods our sense of smell and sense of taste can get out of whack. If things just don’t taste as good as they used to, it may be because you are no longer eating the real thing. Pure foods are just that. They are what they are and you really can get more of them into every meal. Start small or start big but either way you will begin to notice your taste buds respond when you treat them right.
First readjust by reducing the amount of processed food you consume. Do this by replacing or recreating foods you know are not very real. Make your own and you will make it better.
Remember what real flavor tastes like by eating the real thing with nothing added. Start tonight with fruit. For dessert, slice an apple or pear and eat it alone or with a small quantity of cheddar or goat cheese. Drizzle sliced banana with lime juice. Mash it up and freeze it an hour for a cool, naturally sweet dinner finale.
Enjoy, knowing you are an expert already.