Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pure Foods Top 10

Its fun to look at the first year's history and discover patterns, uncover readers’ interests and wonder about how people become aware of a topic.  I was delighted with the range of blog topics that were popular in year one.  Here are the Top 10 (according to Google Stats):

Brownie Baked Alaska, 7/28/10
Summer Corn Salad, 7/21/10
All-American (Dinner menus from across the US), 8/22/10
Beyond Potato Salad, 9/01/10
A Less Scary Halloween, 10/26/09
No Apologies Chocolate Mousse, 9/17/10
Heat Wave Foods, 7/25/10
Foraging for Blueberries, 8/29/10
Pure Drinks Party, Pt 2 (Beers), 12/31/09
The Whole Enchilada, 10/12/10

That’s four under dessert/fruits, three in side dishes, two in the main dish category and one in beverages. 

Desserts and fruits on top might concern some but I believe that a healthy relationship with this category marks the pure eater.  Knowing how to navigate our land of sweets is crucial and seeing desserts and snacks as an opportunity to add pure, good foods like dairy, fruit and nuts to a daily diet is a good step away from apologetic eating.  It was fun to see the Halloween entry so well read.  (Yes, there are plans for another terrifying Halloween-related entry coming up.)

At number two, side dishes are one of the great adventure spots on a plate and provide a gateway to sample new and pure foods and flavors and make slow but steady changes to our meals.

The main dish of the year was the recent Whole Enchilada. In fact recent posts have been beating out older ones at a rate that hints at readership growth.  That’s good news to this author.

I wasn’t sure beverages had a place in this blog.  I drink water on most days but even I referred back to the beer entry a few times over the past year when I wanted to sample something new.  Recently we’ve been sampling the growing selection of non-alcoholic beers, a very nice (and not sweet) alternative to a soft drink that also goes well with many dinner choices.

Thank you for being a part of the first year.  Your feedback has made it meaningful.