Friday, July 11, 2014

Blue Cheese Salsa on Lettuce Wedges

Blue Cheese Salsa? What!
This is an easy and pure salad dressing and salad in one.  While the salad ingredients marinate in their blue cheese vinaigrette, everything stays crisp and fresh looking until it is time to serve.

It's just chopped tomatoes, avocados and blue cheese dressed in a simple vinaigrette dressing and flavored with a spoonful of sour cream, fresh, chopped basil and extra black pepper.  The sour cream pulls the flavors together and creates a pretty pastel effect. Serve Blue Cheese Salsa over large slices of dense lettuce varieties like romaine or iceburg.

Blue Cheese Salsa
Serves 4
2 medium tomatoes
1 avocado
2-3 ounces blue cheese (we used a Danish blue here)
1 tablespoon sour cream
1/4 cup vinaigrette dressing (click here to learn how to make a batch)
1/4 cup fresh, chopped basil
cracked black pepper
1 large head lettuce (iceburg or romaine)

  1. Chop tomatoes, avocado and blue cheese into cubes about the same size-- about 1/2 inch or so. 
  2. Mix the sour cream, vinaigrette, basil and pepper together in a medium bowl.  
  3. Add chopped vegetables and cheese.  Use a rubber spatula to gently fold the mixture together.  
  4. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and refrigerate 30 minutes or up to several hours ahead.  
  5. When ready to serve, slice lettuce into individual servings and spoon salsa over each serving
I recommend this as a side for any grilled entr√©e and a very packable salad for a potluck dinner.  Bring the salsa in a plastic container, cut the lettuce before you leave and assemble on a platter when you arrive.  Don't forget the tongs or a large spatula to serve wedges!