Sunday, May 15, 2016

Morels In Town

I love the sculptural quality of morel mushrooms.  They remind me of the architecture of Antoni Gaudí, especially his unfinished Sagrada Família basilica  in Barcelona.

Fresh morels are in markets in the northeast now.  If you get your hands on some via a reliable forager or a market prepare them simply to bring out their best.

Pictured here is a five-minute sauté of morels and zucchini ribbons finished with a few tablespoons of cream and served over wide noodles.  A squeeze of lemon juice or a splash of white wine before the cream goes in brings up some of the more subtle flavors but be judicious so as not to overwhelm the delicate mushrooms.

Try this simple sauté with any combination of mushrooms or feature one special one as I've done here.  Variations?  Serve over grilled polenta instead of noodles.

This is a stand alone vegetarian dish or can be served alongside a grilled steak or chicken.

Did you know?
For those who crave morels at other times of year, they hold up to drying well.  Reconstitute in warm water for 10 minutes then proceed with your recipe. Don't toss the soaking liquid.  It has great depth of flavor. Use it in your dish boiled down or add to any savory sauce.  Terrific mixed with steak juices.

And.. I have read that one should not eat raw morels.  So please be careful and keep your stash away from pets.